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VRPSolver is a Branch-Cut-and-Price based exact solver for vehicle routing and some related problems. Main use cases of the solver are The solver is described in the paper: We advise to read the paper or the preprint before using the solver.

Papers which use VRPSolver


VRPSolver interface of this distribution is implemented in Julia v1.4.2 and is based on JuMP v0.18.

Interface documentation

Alternatively, VRPSolver is available via:


We recommend using the following demos to start working with VRPSolver.

Other applications are also available:

Material for the hands-on tutorial of the Autumn 2019 school

Release notes


The software is for academic use only. Is it distributed as a docker image in order to facilitate installation and usage. To install and run the solver, you need VRPSolver uses BaPCod, a C++ library implementing generic Branch-Cut-and-Price.
You need to accept the BapCod licence from Inria to use it for free for academic purposes.

Download for free

Download BaPCod license here.

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After accepting the license, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download the zip archive (270 Mb).

Installation instructions

Installation and get started instructions for the VRPSolver



Last updated: June 6, 2023.